Nail Fungus Laser Treatment | Minneapolis

Onychomycosis, also known as fungal infection of nails (usually on the toes), is a common disease affecting about 12% of Americans according to the American Academy of Dermatology. Besides inherit proneness of nail fungus, more people can have a higher chance of getting it because they go barefoot in public areas or because their feet are often wet. Nail fungus is not only an appearance-related issue, but also a medical problem that causes pain.

New Toenail laser treatment gives you a new substitute to oral medication, which has a chance of liver damage, and a nail lacquer that will lack efficiency.

Treatments usually take 15-30 minutes for up to 10 toes. Depending on how severe the problem is and which laser is used, patients may need two to three treatments. The toenails grow very slowly; it may take a whole year to see the final result.

We don’t know exactly how the lasers work in treating the nail fungus. The research shows its laser kills fungus, although others believe its laser inhibits fungal growth, leading the way for the body’s own defenses to clear the nail.

To prevent fungus reoccurrence, you must follow a conscientious hygiene program, including not going barefoot, keeping feet clean and dry and changing socks every day. You may use anti-fungal spray for feet and shoes.

We cannot be sure that the nail fungus will be gone forever after laser treatment, considering the fact that this is a contagious disease and that reoccurrence is a possibility unless you take proper preventative measures and maintain good hygiene.

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