Nail Fungus Laser Treatment In Minneapolis & St Paul

When calling the office, please refer to our New Office Hours for the main MN clinic. The clinic is closed Mondays and open Tuesday-Friday at 9 am.

The nail diseases affect millions of Americans every year. Fungal infections cause about half of all nail disorders. Symptoms that could signal nail problems include color or shape changes, swelling of nail folds, thickening of the nails, bleeding or discharge, and pain.

The common nail diseases include nail fungus (Onycomycosis), ingrown toenail, nail trauma, nail deformity, nail fold infection (Paronychia).

There are many treatment options available to those who suffer from the embarrassing nail problems. The ingrown toenails are usually treated with the minor procedure. The nail bed trauma are treated with nail repair. Topical and oral medications, and more recently, lasers have been used to cure nail fungus.

One Stop Medical Center is the first specialized procedure clinic in the US that focuses on the office procedures. We provide the revolutionary laser treatment for nail fungus in the Twin Cities, Minnesota.

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