Nail Fungus Laser Treatment | Minneapolis

Nail fungus has become such an issue that many people won’t wear sandals even in the hottest months.  The nails turn yellow and brittle and so people would rather hide them than expose them. In Minneapolis, MN we only have a short time frame to be able to wear sandals and it’s frustrating when you can’t get a pedicure or wear sandals due to a toenail fungus. It is mostly a cosmetic issue though the Nail fungus can cause pain in some people especially the elderly. The infection is actually a combination of fungi, yeast, mold and bacteria which is very hardy. Even the anti fungal pills which carry a risk of liver damage only have about a 50% success rate.

What people are turning to now is laser treatment for Nail fungus.  Dr. Steven Shu of Edina, MN, says, “We are seeing a higher success rate with laser treatments. The treatments are safe and have no side effects or risk to the patient.” The laser uses a specific wavelength of energy which is delivered to the sight of the infection. It is targeted towards the fungi to kill it but leaves the nail and surrounding tissue intact. Patients must make sure that they are taking very good care of their feet after the laser treatment series is over.

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