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How does the laser treatment work?

For the laser treatment, energy from a laser beam is directed at the specific cells causing the infection, vaporizing the fungus embedded in the nail bed and nail plate.

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Is this laser treatment painful?

LightPod Neo laser is the internally air-cooled medical aesthetic laser with the proprietary MicroPulse-1064™ engineering technology enabling pain-free treatment for all nail types. Patients may experience very little discomfort during or after the treatment. In addition, the laser beam does not have any harmful effect on healthy tissue.You will be able to walk and leave right after the procedure is completed.

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How long does the laser treatment take?

The laser treatment typically takes about 10 minutes. If multiple toes are infected in each foot, the procedure will take a longer amount of time.

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How soon will I see improvement? Is it permanent?

The treatment typically produces permanent results. The new nail will grow within the 6-12 months.

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Is the laser treatment safe?

Yes, it is safe. This procedure does not require medication that involves other parts of the body, and studies have not shown any adverse effects or side effects.

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Are medication or ointments needed for the laser treatment?

No, the treatment usually does not require any outside medication or topical ointments. Penlac solution may be prescribed to improve the efficacy. UV sanitizer is used to eliminate the fungi in the shoes.

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Does insurance cover the laser treatment?

No, the laser treatment is not included as a health insurance benefit.

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